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How to scan QR codes to download Android apps?

  • 1

    Open the QR code scanner application in your phone.
    (If you don't have such an application. Please open your Smartphone's browser, and enter the following address: http://m.1mobile.com/qr_code_reader-267816.html. Click Download on the site, install the app to your phone and then open it.)

  • 2

    Hold your device, put Code Reader's view frame over a QR Code as following.

  • 3

    After successful scan, QR Code Reader will display 1MobileMarket download link within 3 seconds.

  • 4

    Choose phone browser to open the download link, and then download the app.

  • 5

    After downloading, install 1Mobile Market immediately.

  • 6

    With1MobileMarket installed, click "Open" to find and download applications you want.



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