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How to install APK?

An Android application is stored in an APK file (i.e., a file named by {Application*Name}.apk).  You must install the APK on your Android phone in order to run it. There are three different ways to install APK files on your phone:

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    The easiest way is to download the application from the Android Market or a website directly and put it into the SD card mounted in your phone, then click the APK file to install it.

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    The second way is to download the APK file with your computer, connect your phone's SD card to the computer (or connect the phone with inserted SD card to the computer via USB cable) and copy the APK file to the SD card, then insert the SD card to the phone and install the APK file from the SD card using Application Installer or File Manager that you can download from the Android Market. The method is useful for installing nonmarket applications (i.e., applications not available on the Android Market).

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    The third way is to install Android Software Development Kit (SDK ) on your computer, then connect the phone via USB cable to the computer and use Android Debug Bridge (in the SDK) to install the APK on the phone. The method is more suitable for developers and technical users who need to install nonmarket applications.

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