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    How to buy games in 1Mobile Market?

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    What is MCoin?
    MCoin is a type of virtual currency issued by Kalends which can be used to buy applications or pay for consumption in games. 1 USD=100MCoin

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    How to log in 1Mobile Market?
    Click "My Account" and enter the login page. After inputting account and password, the login is finished. You also can login through the third platform, such as Facebook,Twitter,Google+. See details in Picture 1


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    How to register 1Mobile Market?
    Click "sign" and enter the register page, input email address, account and password. When all are done, the process is finished.
    Account should be 6-20 normal characters, and the password should be 6-20 characters. See details in Picture2


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    How to get back password?
    Clck "Forgot password" in the login page. Input your email address and account which you fill when you register. We would reset password and send it to your email. See details in picture3


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    Mode of payment in 1mobile
    1Mobile will select certain mode of payment through your location. Among all modes, paypal and SMS billing are the most common two.
    With paypal you can input sum as you like or use Quick option to choose directly
    With SMS billing, choose your country and sum to make the payment. See details in Picture 4.


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    How to check charging and consumption history?
    You can check it in "My Account".
    Charging history shows as time inverted order, including: Buy MCoin, Charging Way, Charging Sum and Charging Time.
    Consumption history shows as time inverted order, including: Buy Commodities, MCoin sum used and Consumption Time.
    See details in Picture5



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